Grayndler - I'm listening!

My commitment is to represent the views and values of the people of Grayndler, and to listen to the experts on the issues that face our community.
My policy priorities will be determined and shaped by our community.
Grayndler - I’m listening. I want to hear from you about what matters in our electorate. Please come to an event or contact me via email.
I commit to the following Policy Priorities

Real Climate Action

Based on science with ambitious, rapid climate transitions

Honesty & Integrity in Politics

Federal Commission Against Corruption; Truth in political advertising; limits on corporate donations to political parties


Advocacy for the Uluru Statement from the Heart, a Nordic Childcare Model and a Human Rights based approach to all Federally funded services

Higher Education

Reduce student debt, Provide free degrees in essential worker professions, Stop political interference in research funding, Increase funding for TAFE/Vet sector

These policies will be updated as I continue to listen to the community and experts on what needs to be done to address these issues

Meet Sarina

I am a mum, partner and professional with nearly 25 years experience as a sociologist. I live in St Peters with my partner, 2 young children and our dogs- June and Eadie. I’ve worked for the UN in East Timor, led international development-aid programs and I currently teach agriculture to 25% of Australia’s ag graduates. The climate crisis is real, and the climate crisis is here. I believe in a duty to serve my community and ensure that our voice can make a change in the future of Australia’s children. As an independent - I want to hear from you. I want to represent your vote and your voice in our parliament. Join me now because we don’t have another 4 years to play party politics.

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